Monday, November 17, 2008

Book Launch Tonight at Nalanda West

Join me and the leadership of Nitartha Institute tonight at 7pm at Nalanda West for our book launch and celebration extravaganza for The Karmapa's Middle Way. I'll be giving a talk, reading from the book, and fielding questions.

The main event is in the big shrine room upstairs, but it will be followed by refreshments and music downstairs in the dining room. It's good to have this book done finally, but I also still haven't finished celebrating what happened to our country thirteen days ago. So feel free to come by and shake that out as well!


James said...

Please record the talk and maybe post it here?

That would be awesome for those of us who are the whole continent away in Florida and can't attend!

Tyler Dewar said...

Had your request come a bit earlier I could have arranged for that; unfortunately, though, we didn't record the talk. But it was a good night and fun times.